“Around the World” Performance


On 6th September 2013, NUS Angklung Ensemble was invited to perform at an event held by NUS iCare. The event known as “Around the World” was created to publish and introduce culture from various countries worldwide. Moreover, this event also invited international students in NUS to promote their own culture through their own booth at the event. Beside booth, there were also some performance from each country group to light up the event.

As a traditional music instrument, NUS Angklung Ensemble performed two music pieces during this event, which was “Manuk Dadali” and “Songs from the Ring of Fire”. Only practicing for two weeks, all the members including newcomers are able to perform well and attract some people to watch the performance. This was the first performance done by the new members of the club. Special thanks to NUS iCare for giving us the opportunity to perform in front of public audience in NUS.



See you at the next NUS Angklung Ensemble performance!!