NUSAE Performance for SMUKI’s GAYA 2015: Malabero

Gelar Budaya (GAYA) is an annual arts and cultural productions in Singapore Management University by Singapore Management University Komunitas Indonesia (SMUKI). NUS Angklung Ensemble was invited to perform for SMUKI’s GAYA 2015: Malabero. The event was held at School Of The Arts on 15th March 2015 at 3PM and 7.30 PM.

For this event, NUS Angklung Ensemble performed two songs: Uptown Girl and Winter Games. NUS Angklung Ensemble performed for the two songs for both shows: The matinee and night show. It was a great opportunity to showcase Indonesian Culture to the audiences as well as to let people know more about NUS Angklung Ensemble. Special shoutout to SMUKI for having us!

SMUKI's GAYA 2015 performance

SMUKI’s GAYA 2015 performance


NUSAE CAC+US Performance 2015


NUSAE CAC+US performance 2015

NUSAE CAC+US performance 2015

NUS CAC, a constituent club from NUSSU, held its own concert on 12th and 13th Februrary 2015. NUS Angklung Ensemble, as part of CAC, was delighted to perform for CAC+US 2015, the biggest concert of the year organised by CAC, which was held at NUS University Cultural Centre Hall. The theme of the concert is Secrets: Love Untold.

In order to match with the theme, NUS Angklung Ensemble decided to perform 2 popular and favourite song of all time: Uptown Girl and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.  In order to make the concert successful, all sub-clubs under CAC had a bump-in or combined practice one day before the day of performance. NUS Angklung Ensemble was privileged to be the first club to perform for CAC+US 2015. The event was attended by hundreds of people as well as the Vice Dean of Student, Dr Lee Kooi Cheng. Moreover, CAC+US 2015 was the important event as it commemorates 10 years of delivering excellence.

Temasek Foundation Governance and Public Administration Programme by Civil Service College

NUS Angklung Ensemble was invited by Civil Service College to perform at Temasek Foundation Governance and Public Administration conference at Orchard Parade hotel on 8th October 2014. The event was attended by 35 International Delegates.

IMG-20141008-WA0006 IMG-20141008-WA0013

We performed 2 music pieces that depict multi-cultural nature. The songs are Winter Games and Laksamana Raja Di Laut. Our first piece, Winter Games, is a song composed by Canadian composer, David Foster, for the 1988 Winter Games. Our second piece, Laksamana Raja Di Laut, is a Malay song, which was sung by the famous Indonesian pop singer, Iyeth Bustami. This event was a memorable one as it was the first public performance ever for the new members of NUS Angklung Ensemble. Moreover, we received compliments from the participants as well as the organiser of the event. NUS Angklung Ensemble would like to thank Civil Service College for the prestigious opportunity and we also look forward to hold more public performances!

“Around the World” Performance


On 6th September 2013, NUS Angklung Ensemble was invited to perform at an event held by NUS iCare. The event known as “Around the World” was created to publish and introduce culture from various countries worldwide. Moreover, this event also invited international students in NUS to promote their own culture through their own booth at the event. Beside booth, there were also some performance from each country group to light up the event.

As a traditional music instrument, NUS Angklung Ensemble performed two music pieces during this event, which was “Manuk Dadali” and “Songs from the Ring of Fire”. Only practicing for two weeks, all the members including newcomers are able to perform well and attract some people to watch the performance. This was the first performance done by the new members of the club. Special thanks to NUS iCare for giving us the opportunity to perform in front of public audience in NUS.



See you at the next NUS Angklung Ensemble performance!!