What is Angklung?


This is what an angklung looks like. One angklung only plays one tone.

Angklung is a traditional music instrument which plays one tone when shook.  For a performance, multiple angklungs must be played in harmony. That’s why there will always be a place for everybody in the concert!

In the past, pentatonic (five-tone) angklung is the norm, but today the bamboo-made instrument adopts modern music principles, allowing us to play any song with it. Of course, being from Indonesia, angklungs are most often used to play traditional Indonesian/Malay songs, but other styles of music are increasingly popular (there’s an angklung cover of Rihanna’s Umbrella on Youtube!).

daeng-sutignaThe founding father of diatonic angklung, Daeng Sutigna, started to create the diatonic-chromatic version of angklung in 1937. Like the other world’s music instruments (piano, organ, violin, etc), it has twelve tones.


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