NUSAE AY 15/16 Musical Camp

NUS Angklung Ensemble (NUSAE) held its third annual musical camp on 2-4 December 2015. This event was designed to prepare the members for the forthcoming performances and strengthen the ties amongst them. In addition, the camp concurrently served as an efficacious stress reliever for the members, who had just completed their final examinations.


Member photoshoot during practice recess

Angklung practice has always been the crux of NUSAE camp. On each practice session, the songs which had been learnt were reviewed. Not only was the review useful for the members to rejuvenate their memories after several weeks of regular practice lacuna due to examination preparation, it also gave them the valuable opportunity to inculcate and internalise the songs. There were 5 (five) practice sessions throughout the camp, each of which lasted for around two hours.


See how the games provoked the members into rhapsodic smiles


“This game seems interesting!”

Collaboration and cooperation amongst members is a prerequisite for harmonious angklung performances, whence maintaining and intensifying inter-member bond is of foremost importance. A series of exhilarating and invigorating games was organised on the last two days after the practice sessions for team building purpose.


“Are you ready to catch the ball?”


The players getting ready at their assigned positions

Barbeque was the pinnacle of the whole camp, through which the members got the chance to better know each other. The perfect ambience successfully piqued their gregarious side to collectively cook the food, willingly share stories, and spontaneously tell random jokes. Through this peak event, the idea that NUSAE is a home and a place rather than a house and a space was indirectly embedded in each of the members.


The members’ enthusiasm during Captain’s Mystery Ball game



We hope that this event reinforces the members’ sense of acceptance and belonging to NUSAE as well as enhances their skills, and we are committed to arranging more interesting camps in the future.


Photo Hunt Mission 0: taking a group photo with a CommIT member


Everybody was happy despite being worn out