NUS Angklung Ensemble Concert 2015: The Chronicle

On 4th April 2015, NUS Angklung Ensemble proudly held its annual concert with the title: The Chronicle. The concert itself was situated at NUS Utown Auditorium 2 from 7 pm – 9 pm. In this concert, NUS Angklung Ensemble presented the audience with songs from 60s until 00s. Thus, The Chronicle concert brought a journey through time for the audience. There were 13 songs performed in this performance and each songs were popular during their respective era.

We started off the day with final preparations such as full run and tech run from 1 pm until 4 pm. As hours passed, we became more excited and nervous for this performance as this is the biggest NUS Angklung Ensemble concert ever. The concert itself was quite successful as we managed to attract 130 people including Representative of Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, Mr. Ismunandar and Manager of OSA, Ms. Lyana Wang. We were happy that we have delivered one great performance to the audience and hope we can see you again in the next NUS Angklung Concert 2016!

nusaeconcert3 nusaeconcert5

You can visit our YouTube Channel to watch our performance for each song:

You can also download our booklet from here:


NUS Angklung Ensemble Roadshow 2015

From 19th – 20th March 2015, NUS Ankglung Ensemble held our NUS 2015 Roadshow at NUS Central Library and Utown Stephen Riady Centre from 3pm – 7pm. The purpose of this roadshow is to promote and attract people to get to know the upcoming NUS Angklung Ensemble Concert 2015: The Chronicle. Also, by having this roadshow, we can also attract people to get to know NUS Angklung Ensemble as a vibrant subclub of NUS CAC.

The roadshow itself also includes preliminary course to introduce students and other people about how to use Angklung properly and performing a simple song such as the Happy Birhtday Song. We managed to attract many people to learn more about Angklung and NUS Angklung Ensemble and as well as promoting The Chronicle Concert 2015. We are looking forward to meet more people in NUS Roadshow 2016!

nusaeroadshow4 nusaeroadshow1