NUSAE Musical Camp

In order to celebrate the end of the semester, NUSAE held a musical camp for three days long after the final exam period. The objective of this event was to know more about each other as one team of Angklung musicians, through the time that was spent together in the camp. Additionally, the camp was held to improve everyone’s ability to play Angklung properly as a team by doing intensive practice together. Thus, it prepared everyone for the coming performances.

The main activity of the camp was practices. Everyday during the camp, we continued the weekly practice that had been paused for a few weeks due to final exam period. Through those practices, everyone are supposed to remember songs that had been learned during the semester. Furthermore, we also learned a new song in the process.

The most interesting part of the camp was the games. We started with a few ice breaking games in the first day. It was quite enjoyable, seen from the face of each members when they were playing. The next day, we continue our program with amazing race game. It was a small scale amazing race, using a few places that were near to NUS. This game was held so that everyone could relieve the stress that was built up during the exam period by going outside of NUS. As the final and closing event, we did the revelation of angels and mortals. Through this game, everyone had the chance to get to know each other and exchange gifts with one another.

It was the first NUSAE Musical Camp to be held. Hopefully, it will grow bigger and more interesting in the future with more exciting games and activities.

Amazing Race

Ice Breaking

Ice Breaking Games 1


Combined Practice at RGS

On the ninth day of November, NUS Angklung Ensemble (NUSAE) members went down to Raffles Girls Secondary School (RGS) to conduct our first combined practice session. Upon our arrival, we received a very warm welcome from the conductor, Kak Farida and the students from RGS.

The practice began with a short self-introductory session from both groups and followed by a sharing session. This sharing session was conducted so that both groups could learn the various styles and techniques in playing the angklung and the kulintang from each other.  During the first-half of the practice session, NUSAE members got to play their own piece first and the RGS members would learn the song and practise together. During the second-half of the practice session, RGS angklung members played their songs and NUSAE members learnt and played along. In between the practice session, we had a short break. We used this break to have ice-breaking games to foster the relationships between the two groups. A short chitchat session was also conducted at the end of the games.

It was overall a fruitful and enjoyable Saturday morning session.Image