Shakin’ with the Stars

On 11th September, NUS Angklung Ensemble (NUSAE) held a welfare event entitled “Shakin’ with the Stars.”

The event aimed to build stronger and closer relationship among the members but at the same time, they had the opportunity to unleash their creativity in cooking. This event was unique as the members were expected to decide and cook dishes for the event.

All the members are divided into 6 groups, 5-6 members each. Each group brainstormed and decided on a special dish that would be shared among all the NUSAE members. It was absolutely amazing to see the amount of efforts and time that the members put in to create a superb dish to feed about 45 people. There were various types of food served such as Caesar Salad, Fried Rice and Fried Noodle (Indomie). There were desserts too of course, such as Jelly (Agar-Agar), Oreo cookies and Banana ChocoCheese (aka Banana Lasagna).

An enjoyable and relaxing evening with home-cooked food and great people, what more can you ask for?



“Around the World” Performance


On 6th September 2013, NUS Angklung Ensemble was invited to perform at an event held by NUS iCare. The event known as “Around the World” was created to publish and introduce culture from various countries worldwide. Moreover, this event also invited international students in NUS to promote their own culture through their own booth at the event. Beside booth, there were also some performance from each country group to light up the event.

As a traditional music instrument, NUS Angklung Ensemble performed two music pieces during this event, which was “Manuk Dadali” and “Songs from the Ring of Fire”. Only practicing for two weeks, all the members including newcomers are able to perform well and attract some people to watch the performance. This was the first performance done by the new members of the club. Special thanks to NUS iCare for giving us the opportunity to perform in front of public audience in NUS.



See you at the next NUS Angklung Ensemble performance!!

Klung 2013 – The Start of a New Journey

Hello everyone!!

At the start of academic year 13/14, in order to attract freshmen and other seniors to join our CCA, NUS Angklung Ensemble joined the Matriculation Fair by promoting about our CCA with Cultural Activities Club and doing a performance at the fair. During this opportunity, we invited people to join our welcome tea on Monday, 12 August 2013 at PGP Function Room 1.

Klung alt A4

On the welcome tea itself, we introduced facts about angklung and information about our CCA, from the practice schedule to the events for this academic year. Furthermore, we also taught the audience to play a simple angklung score. In the end of this session, everyone was invited to register and join NUS Angklung Ensemble.

The next day, we held a roadshow in NUS University Town while distributing flyers to passerby and also inviting them to join us. In order to attract more people, we also played a few angklung score there.

On Wednesday and Friday of week 1, we held trial sessions for those who were interested and want to know more about angklung. In these sessions, we also taught everyone about admin stuffs of our CCA and basics about playing angklung, as not everyone have played angklung before.

And that’s how we invite new members to our CCA. Cheers!!